10 of the best pushchairs, prams, and buggies in the UK

Travel in style with this selection of the best pushchairs, prams, buggies, strollers, or whatever else you might call them.

By Joseph Green

Pushchairs come in many different shapes and sizes nowadays, and whilst the safety and security of your precious bundle of joy is the most important thing to consider, there are plenty of other features to think about before making a purchase.

For starters, the look of your pushchair is important. We’re not saying you should sacrifice safety for style, but nobody wants to show off their newborn in an ugly chair. Fortunately, there are now lots of trendy brands with pushchairs that look great. Some have distinctive designs, whilst others focus on keeping things low-key. Whatever your taste, there should be something on the market that suits you.

You also need to consider how a pushchair actually moves, because we’re sorry to say that you will actually have to push the thing from time to time. Will you be taking your pushchair off-road, or keeping to the pavements? These are questions you need to ask yourself before committing to an expensive investment. You’ll need to make sure you opt for something that can keep up.

All of this is important, but nothing comes above keeping your little one safe and comfortable. If a pushchair can’t offer safety in abundance, then it’s really not worth your time. A good idea is to thoroughly check out the reviews of any product, to see what other parents think. This is normally a good indicator of safety, because if any product is lacking in this department, the reviews will be damning.

The great news for anyone looking to invest in a pushchair is that there is loads of choice. The bad news is that this makes picking one product particularly tough. We know how hard it can be, so have helped you out with a selection of the best pushchairs from across the internet.

Whether you call them pushchairs, prams, buggies, or strollers, these are the best for 2019.

Compact-fold travel system • Car seat adaptors • Lightweight frame • Puncture-proof tyres

Designed and tested to ensure that every component is engineered to perfection.

iCandy Lime

Functionality is the priority with large capacity basket, one-touch harness, adjustable leatherette handle, and a carry strap.

    iCandy pushchairs have a great reputation for careful design and thorough testing, which is exactly what you want for your baby.

    The iCandy Lime is made up of 381 individual components and is all about functionality and quality. The multi-function, compact-fold travel system takes your baby from birth up to 25 kilograms and has an integrated ride-on board, in case your numbers multiply.

    The Lime folds quickly and easily with the seat unit and bumper bar still attached. Car seat adaptors can be attached to your compatible car seat, or you can use the spacious carrycot for overnight sleeping. The choice is yours.

    The lightweight aluminium frame makes pushing really easy, and the puncture proof ERP tyres keep you on the move whatever the conditions. Nobody wants a flat tyre when they’re trying to juggle a million things at once.

    Lightweight • Compact • One hand fast folding • Kerb pop

    Might not be the most manoeuvrable

    Adaptability and versatility of a much more expensive model.

    Mountain Buggy Swift

    Easily switches from flat to upright, offering versatility to meet the needs of your baby.

      The Mountain Buggy Swift pushchair is light and compact, but able to handle big adventures. 

      There are plenty of reasons to love this product. You get the benefit of the one hand fast fold mechanism, 10-inch air filled tyres, and a stylish canvas. It also delivers longevity, looking after your child from a newborn to toddler. So you won’t need to upgrade.

      It’s not the most manoeuvrable on this list, but it can still get about, with a great kerb pop and conveniently located hand braking system. The Mountain Buggy Swift also has a hidden automatic frame lock and is compatible with the carrycot plus. 

      Lightweight, compact, and nimble • Retractable weather cover • Easy folding • Value

      Everything is designed to give you the edge in the urban jungle.

      Baby Jogger City Mini

      Sleek and practical design makes it the perfect option for anyone trying to get around a busy city.

        Getting around the city isn’t easy at the best of times, let alone with a pushchair. The City Mini makes this chore as simple as possible thanks to its lightweight, compact, and nimble design. Those crowds won’t be a problem.

        With a straightforward lift of a strap with one hand, the City Mini folds compactly, and the auto-lock maintains the fold for transportation or storage. The seat also reclines to a near flat position with vents and a retractable weather cover to make sure that your child is comfortable and safe. 

        The hood canopy can open to multiple positions, and it even has two windows so you can keep an eye on your baby. Just to check that they aren’t up to no good.

        You can set your front wheels to swivel, which improves mobility, and the front-wheel suspension provides a smooth ride for everyone involved.

        Flexible for different needs • Infant carrier adaptors • Four tier canopy • One step brake

        On the pricier side • Slightly bulky design

        There is not much to dislike about a pushchair with so many helpful features designed to make your life easier.

        Diono Quantum

        There’s no need for extra parasols or sunshades thanks to the four-tier canopy providing full coverage whilst still allowing for airflow.

          The Diono Quantum pushchair can be used from birth as a bassinet until your baby becomes a toddler. So you’ll only ever need to make one purchase.

          The Quantum can be switched between parent facing, outward facing, laid back, and sitting up. It’s a seriously flexible model that adapts to your preferences and situation. 

          The bassinet is converted to a toddler seat by attaching four clips on either side. It’s really easy and quick, and no extra storage space is needed for the bassinet, even as your little one grows.

          You also get a four tier canopy that provides full coverage whilst still allowing for airflow, so you have no need for extra parasols or sunshades. There is a sun visor, window, and ventilation panel so that there should be little chance of any over-heating.

          The handle provides six extendable positions with a convenient one hand fold mechanism. When folded, this pushchair stands up on its own and with the carry strap, it’s easy to transport in and out of the car.

          Compact design • All terrain double wheels • Lockable front wheels • Cabin luggage compliant size • Cheap

          If you take your little one off road, this might be the best option for you.

          GB Gold Pockit

          Easy to push, double wheels in front and back, and lockable front wheels ensure that this pushchair handles any terrain.

            The GB Gold Pockit is a high-quality all terrain pushchair that is suitable for all weather conditions. So there’s no excuse not to get out there.

            The all terrain double wheels on the front and back ensure that this pushchair can handle off-road obstacles. The swivelling and lockable front wheels, easy pushing, adjustable backrest, and easy folding make sure that you don’t work up a sweat. It’s also easy and quick to fold into a cabin luggage compliant size. This is invaluable if you travel.

            Protection against the wind and weather is provided by the extendable sunshade, and the cover is machine washable.

            Attractive design • Convex profile tyres • All-round premium suspension

            Looks great, but actually has a lot more going for it due to its range of clever features.

            Cosatto Giggle 3

            Charming design ensures that your baby’s pushchair is the best looking model in the park.

              The Cosatto Giggle 3 is a classic three-in-one pushchair that offers smooth handling and a spacious carrycot with a deep padded mattress. You can also switch it to a reversible pushchair seat unit when your baby is ready to sit up. 

              This pushchair offers a bunch of impressive features to improve the way it handles. You get deluxe amped-up wheels, a stitched leatherette handle, and all-round premium suspension for a smooth ride. You’ll be cruising along, with very little effort on your part.

              The thick supportive mattress makes it ideal for occasional overnight sleeping, offering good levels of freshness and comfort. The zip-in carrycot liner is also machine washable. 

              Folds easily • Eco leather cover on handle • Adjustable foot rest

              It’s not the most impressive looking, but this pushchair is streamlined and built for speed.

              Mutsy Nexo

              Height adjustable push handle with leather cover and adjustable foot rest makes this the best option for taking on your run.

                Mutsy Nexo is about as sporty as pushchairs come, thanks to its incredibly lightweight frame. Obviously you don’t want to be flying around the park, but if you really wanted to, you could.

                The Mutsy Nexo folds very easily with two hands, and fits comfortably into any car. It has a height adjustable push handle with a smooth leather cover, and you also get an adjustable foot rest, which is nice.

                The caddy is spring loaded and the front wheels are maintenance free. The backrest reclines to a lying position, and the hood is extendable with UV protection built-in.

                Advanced all-wheel suspension • Big tyres • Strong and sturdy design • Lightweight

                Advanced suspension and chunky tyres makes sure that your ride is as comfortable as possible.

                Bugaboo Fox

                Smooth ride and light push makes for a comfortable experience for you and your baby.

                  The Bugaboo Fox is designed to provide the smoothest ride, the lightest push, and a generally great driving performance. Your baby will thank you.

                  The advanced all-wheel suspension and large tyres provide a stable, steady ride on any surface, and steering feels effortless. The central joint suspension ensures a bump-free ride for your child, and the sturdy chassis is still light enough to lift, carry, and transport.

                  Whether you’re bundling it into the car or carrying it up the stairs, the easy fold mechanism makes transporting your pushchair hassle-free. That’s what it’s all about for parents.

                  Ultra-compact • Lightweight • Cheap • Carry strap and leather shoulder pad • Front and rear suspension

                  Kind of ugly • Not the biggest

                  Loads of handy features that make this pushchair super easy to transport.

                  Ickle Bubba Globe

                  Aluminum frame is lightweight and portable, weighing only 6.4 kilograms.

                    The Ickle Bubba Globe is designed for anywhere and everywhere, and is perfect for planes, trains, and cars. So there’s nowhere that you can’t go.

                    You can carry this pushchair on your shoulder or push with one hand, as the lightweight 6.4 kilogram aluminium frame comes with a carry strap and leather shoulder pad. The folding technology also makes it great for small spaces and overhead storage in a plane.

                    The large extendable hood protects your baby from harmful sun rays, and the viewing window is great for keeping an eye on your little one without disturbing their sleep. Nobody wants to risk waking up a sleeping baby.

                    The lockable front swivel wheels are great on bumpy terrain, and the suspension makes sure everyone has a smooth ride.

                    Value • Roomy seat and tall back rest • One hand folding mechanism • Padded harness pads • Extendable sun shade

                    Basket is small and difficult to reach

                    Some really smart features to help protect your baby from the sun whilst keeping them cool.

                    Silver Cross Reflex

                    A great option for hot weather, thanks to the breathable ergonomic backrest with maximum airflow.

                      The Silver Cross Reflex pushchair offers loads of innovations designed to improve your baby’s comfort. 

                      The seat and tall back rest are perfect for growing girls and boys, and when it’s folded down, the chassis is surprisingly compact, with a one-hand mechanism helping you to pack it away. 

                      The extendable UPF 50 hood, leatherette bumper bar, and padded harness pads help with comfortable strolling. The hood attaches easily to the chassis and features a huge extendable sun shade for hot and sunny conditions.

                      The curved seat support has also been developed to keep your baby away from the pushchair structure, which helps with comfort and air flow.

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