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As you by now know, I am here to deliver to you your Transformational Tuesday! It wouldn’t be my style if I didn’t go astrological, so keep an open, curious mind as I give you your 2020 Reading to definitely look forward to!!


numerology: 2 2=4

Think: Balance, New Partnerships, Unity, and Spirituality. VISION!

Make it your year to dive deep and conquer your goals!!!

Card Reading:

  1. Dancer (21): Last Card of the Major Archana which represents a person’s internal growth as a person starting at 0-the Seed and onwards to Dancer at 21. This card shows women (feminine quality in every person) dancing on top of the world! Inside of the world there is a feast with a new set of bow and arrows! Get ready to conquer 2020. Great, big things are coming to you so get excited and Let Go! As the last card, it is the end of an old cycle and the start of a new one where we will begin as a seed unto a new journey for 2020..

  2. 9 of Pipes: This card represents the path to achieving your goals marked by the number 9 and pipes/wands of shedding inhibitions and moving forward. This card pulled means to be honest with yourself. Look at your higher being, your inner voice, and listen. What is it saying? You have been working so hard on a certain goal and NOW is the time to move forward. It figures you might be having a lot of anxiety or worry around this time…don’t stress!! This is your inner self saying to you it’s TIME. Start that business, start that venture, make that move.

  3. Discernment/Judgement (20): Our last card is Self-Reflection. Being the card right before Dancer (21) this is probably where we are right now. 2019 was a bit much, huh. This card is saying to you to look past the negative of the past, or maybe just the not quite so pleasant, and focus on the lesson or the good out of the situations you faced over the course of the year. To look back not with begrudging judgment, but solemn contemplation, and a positive willingness for future hopes!!

Overall, stay positive!! This is a new year for new goal-busting and awesome self-confidence streaks. We all need a good year after 2019, don’t ya think? This reading is letting you know that change is coming for the better. Open your hearts and mind to the possibilities of the future and before you know it you will be the Dancer on top of the World!! What a better way to Own Your Mark than to write down your goals and watch them come into fruition over the next few months. Let’s stay hopeful and elevate beyond our struggles and limitations into a peaceful, serene, self-assured self.

Peace and Light to You

Medicine Woman Deck for Reference.

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