Bored driver sparks craze by revealing he whiles away his long hours by looking for signs

Sum-thing to while away the hours: Truck driver sparks craze by revealing he breaks up the boredom of long journeys by looking for signs with mileages adding up to 100

  • Mike James has so far spotted 16 such signs during his travels across the UK 
  • The 49-year-old shared examples of his work on The Very Boring Group  
  • Examples include a sign on the M4 which says it is 45 miles to Port Talbot 
  • Mike scans distance signs and, when they add to up to 100 – or multiples of 100 finds them on a map

By Terri-ann Williams For Mailonline

Published: 16:20 BST, 7 May 2019 | Updated: 17:42 BST, 7 May 2019

A bored HGV driver has sparked a strange new craze after revealing the way he passes the time while on long trips.

While out on the open road, Mike James has been using his time to find road signs with mileages that add up to 100.

The 49-year-old has so far managed to spot 16 such signs during his travels up and down the UK and is constantly on the hunt for more.

Mike, from South Wales, shared examples of his findings on a Facebook page called The Very Boring Group, where members reveal their hobbies and findings, which usually the majority of the general public would find tedious.

Mike James (pictured above) adopted the hobby after spending most of his time on the road. Right, a road sign snapped by Mike on the A30

Mike has set himself the challenge in order to keep himself busy during the long days. He as found signs such as the London Orbital (left) and the A956 (right). Some add up to 200

Other signs Mike has snapped on his journey include this on on the A34 for the Midlands 

Examples include a sign on the M4 which says it is 45 miles to Port Talbot, 35 miles to Bridgend, 18 miles to Cardiff and two to Newport.

The A76 in Scotland has a sign stating it is 13 miles to Cumnock, 30 miles to Sanquhar and 57 to Dumfries.

Mike scans distance signs and, when they add to up to 100 – or multiples of 100 – later finds them on Google Maps.

Writing on social media, he said: ‘The first picture will be familiar to anyone driving past the Celtic Manor at Newport. The second is near Stonehenge.

Mike James (left) posted his findings to The Very Boring Group on Facebook (right) earlier this month

Mike said it was a challenge that he had set himself to try and find all of the signs. Sign above is for the A303

‘All of them have the road number at the top, this does not form part of the sum, just the numbers which relate to the destination.

‘Not many road signs add up to 100, or multiples thereof. I am satisfied when I find a new one.’

The A303 Westminster to Exeter, the M25 to Heathrow, A34 The Midlands, and the A30 Bodmin all have mileage signs adding up to 100.

Michael Rodgers Kane wrote under Mike’s post: ‘Excellent. Fine signage and number crunchers like me get mildly excited at this kind of numerology.

Mike scans the distances and then when they add up to 100 he finds the sign on Google Maps. Sign above is for the A76 (left) and the M4 (right)

‘I’ve driven past at least 3 of these on my travels and will pass one today.’

Janette Booth added: ‘This greatly satisfies me and my compulsion for round numbers. I fear you may have sparked a new hobby.’

What else goes on in The Very Boring Group

The Very Boring Group is a Facebook page which charts the weird and wonderful hobbies of it’s nearly 57,000 strong community.

Here are some examples of the topics and ideas discussed: 

 – One man revealed he recycles the spirals from notebooks and has created a sphere from them. He spent he spent 18 months on the project and that it includes around 200 spirals

– This is while two other members created a comparison table of the nicknames of New Zealand football teams, in order to chart their similarities

– Another member took the time to calculate just how many gifts were received over the 12 days of Christmas, bringing the total to 10 gifts in three days 

Tambra Galid added: ‘This seems to be a little too exciting, at least for me.’

Zoe Chambers-Cue said: ‘Found this post to be sufficiently boring, and I appreciate how much time it has consumed. I also appreciate how much time this must take for you to pursue this activity.’

Speaking today Mike said it was a challenge that he had set himself to try and find all of the signs in the UK that add up to 100.

‘I’m a long distance lorry driver and I started 13 years ago and I would drive the road to the Midlands quite a lot and noticed that most of the signs added up to 102, 98 but never actually 100, so I thought I would try and find one that does.

‘The first one I found was a year later on the way home near to my home city in Newport near the Celtic Manor.

‘I drive in a lorry, which is about 55 miles per hour so it allows me more time to pass the signs and add up the destinations. It’s been a while since I’ve seen another 100.

He added: ‘I saw for the first time last year near Peterborough the first sign that added up to 200 and six months ago near Aberdeen was the first and only 300 I’ve seen, so far.’

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