Cities Are Behind in Gauging Their Climate Risk


More cities are reporting climate hazards, such as heat waves, but lag in developing plans to deal with those changes

Cities Are Behind in Gauging Their Climate Risk
Woman cools off with water spray frames set along the central street of Ukrainian capital of Kiev during a heatwave on August 12, 2019. Credit: Sergei Supinsky Getty Images
manifest in the short term, compared with 11% in the long term.

Appleby said what cities are reporting doesn’t line up with data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which says future impacts of climate change will be more severe than what is being felt right now.

Climate change, left unchecked, will undo many of the economic and social gains in cities in recent decades, Appleby said.

“All city authorities should undertake comprehensive vulnerability assessments,” she said. “Only then will cities be able to plan for the new normal brought about by our changing climate.”

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