Couple who struggled with infertility reveal This Morning clinic helped them get pregnant

A couple who appeared on a This Morning fertility clinic have revealed the programme’s ‘conception plan’ helped them get pregnant.

Kathryn and Dan Edwards, from the Midlands, were informed by the GP that they both suffered from fertility problems, and that their chances of falling pregnant were greatly reduced. 

After trying for three years, they took part in a This Morning fertility clinic in Devon, and went on to change their lifestyle in accordance with the programme’s four- month conception plan, devised by Dr Larisa Corda.

The drug-free plan included removing chemical cleaners from their home and eating a largely vegan diet. 

The couple appeared on the sofa with Holly and Phil to announce they were expecting, and credited the programme with making a huge difference.

After trying for a baby for three years, Kathryn and Dan Edwards took part in a This Morning fertility retreat in March which they credit with helping them get pregnant

Kathryn was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and Dan had enlargement of some veins that can affect sperm count.  

Their experience of getting pregnant was very stressful, with Dan explaining: ‘When you come across so many hurdles, it just knocks you back constantly, you think when are we going to get a break.’

They took part in Dr Larisa Corda’s fertility clinic in Devon earlier this year, and followed advice such as going on a relaxing spa retreat. 

At the time, This Morning viewers were skeptical about the retreat, which saw couples testing out reiki and ‘shamanic healing’ to help them conceive. 

The young couple said they’d been trying for a baby for three years before taking part in the This Morning retreat 

Having been dedicated to the This Morning conception plan for four months, the couple have revealed they are pregnant 

But the couple found the conception plan had worked for them, with Kathryn crediting the retreat as transforming her mindset and helping her let-go of some emotional issues she’d been holding on to. 

The drug-free conception plan lasted for four months, and the couple were amazed and emotional to appear on the programme today to announce they were pregnant.

Welling up, Kathryn said: ‘You don’t realise how many people are struggling with fertility.’   

Dan and Kathryn appeared on the sofa alongside Dr Larisa Corda, who helped them change their lifestyle 

Kathryn became emotional as she announced she was pregnant on the programme, and admitted that she hadn’t realised how many people suffered from infertility issues

The couple have had their 12 week scan and said the baby is healthy and that Kathryn is ‘doing well’ 

Dan went on: ‘Everything we changed completely – we cut out meat, we pretty much went completely vegan. It made a huge difference.’

Kathryn added: ‘Our whole bodies felt different and I felt the best I’ve ever felt. My skin felt amazing. 

‘I thought, “gosh I can’t believe such a significant chance can do something like that”.’

She claims her cat was ‘so clingy’ and kept sitting on her tummy, tipping the couple off that they were pregnant.

The couple were dedicated to the conception plan, taking on an ‘all natural’ lifestyle which involved ditching harsh chemicals from their home 

Dan and Kathryn (left) were among three couples who went on a fertility retreat in March with Dr Larisa (pictured centre) 

The expectant mother said: ‘I thought, there’s something going on with Seb, he’s either poorly or he needs to go to the vet.’ 

She went on to say that though the first pregnancy test came back very faint, the second test came back positive.

Kathryn said they were ‘a blubbering mess’ when they heard the heartbeat for the first time, revealing: ‘All happy tears of course.’ 

The couple revealed their 12 week scans on the programme, and credited going almost completely vegan with making ‘a huge difference’ to how they felt 

Dr Larisa, who conceived the plan, explained that the couple had been 1,000 percent committed to the plan, saying: ‘They really went to town. With some commitment to the plan, they’ve been able to conceive naturally.’ 

She added: ‘It sounds quite extreme, but the point is we made little introductions a little at a time. We started off with a water filter and then made other adjustments such as skin care routine.’

The doctor said that ‘stress relief, management’ and addressing emotional issues had also helped the couple.  

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