Don’t tell me Trump’s words don’t matter (Jennifer Rubin/Washington Post)

Jennifer Araoz / New York Times:

Jeffrey Epstein Raped Me When I Was 15  —  Now I’m suing his estate and accomplices.  —  Ms. Araoz has filed a lawsuit against the estate of Jeffrey Epstein.  —  The first time I stepped into Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion on the Upper East Side in the fall of 2001, I noticed his security cameras.


Thomas Franck / CNBC:


Charles C. W. Cooke / National Review:

Max Boot’s Dishonesty  —  He intentionally misconstrues what others write and then lies about it, knowing that no one will bother to uncover his distortion.  —  Before yesterday, my primary criticism of the Washington Post’s Max Boot was political in nature.


Joe Walsh / New York Times:

Trump Needs a Primary Challenge  —  The case for a contender from the right.  —  Mr. Walsh is a former Republican member of Congress from Illinois.  —  There’s a strong case for President Trump to face a Republican primary challenger.  I know a thing or two about insurgencies.

Garrett Haake / NBC News:

Beto O’Rourke to deliver campaign reset speech Thursday  —  DALLAS — Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke plans to deliver his first major, written address on Thursday, offering a reset of his presidential campaign, a new focus and a fresh strategy for going forward in the wake of a mass shooting …


Jennifer Rubin / Washington Post:

Don’t tell me Trump’s words don’t matter  —  President Trump’s apologists express outrage when his affirmation of white supremacist themes (e.g. “an invasion”) is linked to mass shootings by white supremacists.  (Try to imagine them taking that position if President Barack Obama had echoed radical Islamist themes.)

John DiStaso / WMUR:

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