Glenn Close Really Wants You To Win Her… Plaster Goose?

The first person to name the movie and scene in which the goose appeared will win Close’s contest.

Nov 11 2019, 3:52pm


Screenshot via Instagram

If you’re not following Glenn Close on Instagram, you’re really missing out. Instagram is where the actress best known for boiling a bunny in 1987’s Fatal Attraction and threatening puppies in 101 Dalmatians goes to post videos of herself making funny faces on an airplane, pictures of herself making a face at a blueberry festival, and images of herself gender-swapped using that creepy FaceApp. It is also now, apparently, where the actress goes to unload things like a life-size, rustic plaster goose. (You really should follow her on Instagram, by the way.)

As Close posted yesterday, she will send the plaster goose to the first person to name the scene and movie in which said goose appeared—the caveat being that she’ll only send the fake bird within the continental United States as, she wrote, “It’s a heavy goose!!” The top guesses so far include The Big Chill, a kitchen scene in The Wife, and Fatal Attraction. It seems that most people have missed the directive to include the scene as well as the movie, which could very well disqualify them from winning this truly niche collector’s item. Their loss is your gain! Now’s your chance to settle in with a Glenn Close movie marathon and entering the winning.

It’s hard to find the right Christmas present; we all have too many socks and mugs and books we’re never actually going to read. But you know what most people don’t have? A realistic plaster goose, straight from Glenn Close’s own collection.

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