Here comes the cross: A way-too-early Premier League season preview quiz

Will we see another historic title race between these two teams in the 2019-20 seasons? Tom Flathers/Manchester City FC/Getty Images

Jul 3, 2019

  • ESPN staff

The Premier League seems like a distant memory after this summer’s international football bonanza. Let this quiz jog your mind ahead of the season kickoff on Aug. 9.

1. Team that opens against Chelsea, to which it has lost the most league games in its history (abbr.)

2. Side that has capped home ticket prices at 30 pounds to celebrate promotion

3. Longest-serving manager in the league

4. Place you’ll most likely see Prince William

5. He needs just 12 goals to be one of the top five league scorers of all time

6. Non-Liverpool African striker who could be top scorer

7. A Tom Brady fan, his dream is to play in the NFL someday

8. Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Running down the wing, Salah la-la-la-la, the ___________ King!

9. Month of the EPL’s first-ever winter break

10. Technology coming to slow down the game

11. His new team puts the blue in red, white and blue

12. The favorites, according to Caesars Sportsbook, are Man City (-160), Liverpool ( 250) and ___________ ( 1200)


1. Man Utd

2. Norwich

3. Eddie Howe

4. Villa Park

5. Sergio Aguero

6. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

7. Harry Kane

8. Egyptian

9. February

10. VAR

11. Christian Pulisic

12. Tottenham

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