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Yeo Mui Hong, Ranita Sundra, Ethan Ruan and Jenny Cheah.

The festive season is upon us and it’s time for different venues to get into the holiday spirit. Glittering lights are up. The sounds of Mariah Carey and Wham! fill the halls. And, of course, variously adorned Christmas trees stand tall to greet passers-by.

In Asia, one of the most exciting trees this year is Bvlgari’s Fireworks Tree, as well as the Serpenti Necklace Light Structure, now illuminating the night sky at Ion Orchard in Singapore. Both installations are interactive. Users can download accompanying smartphone applications to control their colours which reflect the spectrum of precious gemstones.

In addition to the year-end festivities, the installations also mark the celebration of Bvlgari’s concept boutique’s one-year anniversary at Ion Orchard, and also the mall’s 10th anniversary. This light-up project is supported by the Singapore Tourism Board.

The installations were officially launched earlier this month at Ion Orchard Mall. Their grand opening was a special evening attended by many prominent Asian celebrities, among them Ethan Ruan from Taiwan; Singaporean celebrities Zoe Tay, Pierre Png and Fiona Xie; and Malaysian actor Christopher Lee and power couple Scha Alyahya and Awal Ashaari. Thailand was represented by actress Pechaya “Min” Wattanamontree and fashion designer Vatanika Patamasingha Na Ayudhya.

Jenny Cheah, regional managing director of Bvlgari South Asia Pacific, said that the brand’s first anniversary at Ion Orchard is a collaborative celebration — one that she expects to be an unforgettable experience.

“We want to do something that is unexpected, something surprising, something that has never been done before in Orchard or in Singapore — even in Asia. It’s definitely something that will be larger than life,” she said.

“For these installations, they also coincide with the festive season… so we want it to reflect the holiday campaign of Bvlgari this year, called Dream Maker, which is basically a continuation of our tribute to the magic of cinema — of movie making.”

Celebrity guests and executives during the light-up event at Ion Orchard.

Three elements complete this holiday celebration: the Fireworks Tree, the Serpenti and a director’s platform complete with a clapperboard — a nod to the art of filmmaking.

“To put all these elements together to celebrate the holiday season and the first anniversary, we kind of imagine a holiday movie through this installation,” Cheah continued. “To showcase joy and celebrate it with light and fireworks in colours that are inspired by our precious gemstones.”

And they’ve really outdone themselves this year. Both structures tower at 18.5m tall. Following appearances in Rome, Milan and Miami, this marks the Fireworks Tree’s first appearance in Asia. As well as being Bvlgari’s tallest to date, it is considered to be the world’s first interactive fireworks tree. A total of 15km of LED light strips have been used to create the entire structure. Upon closer inspection, we can see that it is made up of 100 small fireworks.

Nearby is the eye-catching Serpenti Necklace Light Structure. It is modelled after the Serpenti, one of Bvlgari’s most iconic pieces, reflecting the brand’s long-standing traditions of craftsmanship and creativity. It is the world’s tallest and first interactive free-standing Serpenti Necklace Light Structure, making use of 5km of LED rope lights and 150,000 micro LED light bulbs to construct the profile and body of the Serpenti. The structure has made appearances around the world. This is its first time in Southeast Asia.

Giulio Mariano, designer of the installations, said the project was made possible due to the close collaboration between Bvlgari and Ion Orchard. The team is very happy with the results of their hard work, especially given the various challenges that designing the interactive installations presented. The mobile apps that allow users to interact with the structures are operated using a sophisticated system that organises queuing in a democratic way. So everyone gets the chance to choose colours for the installations to their own delight.

“We will cap this year off with a bang,” said Yeo Mui Hong, CEO of Orchard Turn Developments. Getting into the seasonal spirit, Ion Orchard is also offering many special rewards for shoppers this season, such as an opportunity to purchase a special travel tag (with proceeds going to charity) or redeem special gift wrappers while stocks last. Members can also earn more points and enter a sweepstake with their purchase. For more details, visit ionorchard.com.

Vatanika Patamasingha Na Ayudhya and Pechaya Wattanamontree.

Serpenti Necklace Light Structure.

Bvlgari Fireworks Tree.

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