I’ll take “trivia questions” for $200, Alex

I wrote a quiz for my 40th birthday party a few years ago, before I saw Paul Paquet’s advice (and before I started playing in his trivia league) and before Yogesh Raut’s blog post was written, and man, I sucked at it. Everyone hated it and found it way, way too hard. It is so much harder to write good trivia than it seems like it should be.
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Paul Paquet’s examples need to be updated, because the CN Tower hasn’t been the tallest freestanding structure in the world since 2009 (although it is still the tallest in the Western Hemisphere).
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Just piping in to say that Yogesh Raut is a pretty friendly guy, which is not always a given for someone as talented as he is at trivia. His blog is a lot of fun.
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I’m part of a team that write (sorry, compile) quizzes for a newspaper publisher in Australia. 15 questions per quiz, five each of beginners, intermediate, advanced. One thing I’ve learnt is that it’s easy to write a really difficult quiz. What’s hard is crafting a quiz that entertains and challenges the reader and doesn’t leave them bummed. An ideal quiz question for me is one smuggles in a clue. (I also do the occasional quiz with a hidden theme: when Prince died I managed to write a quiz where every question contained a veiled reference to the Purple One)
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I write a weekly quiz for a movies podcast for the co-host and occasional guest. These links will be most helpful, thank you!
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Heh. I have known Paul for years and years. When I alerted him to his moment of fame on MetaFilter, he remarked ruefully that he should have updated that page more recently.
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