Mario Maker Contest: Going Up, Winners!

Last week I challenged you folks to create Mario levels that went up and down instead of left and right. Add a little verticality to the world of Mario. I got a nice mix of themes, ideas, and designs. You folks sure like going up!

This week I got some levels that I enjoyed so much I ended up playing them after my initial judging. I even shared them with a few friends. Good stuff!

Anyways! If you want to play all the courses people submitted for the contest, you can check out my Mario Maker 2 profile where I liked all the levels that I played. This is probably the easiest way to play all these courses without having to enter in dozens of ID codes.

My Mario Maker 2 ID number: 2C7-40T-HXF

Now, below are some of my favorite courses and a short description of the course and what I liked about it.

Descend On/Off Mountain | XCube285 | MY6-XRQ-6FG

A level with some replayability. This course features different paths, each one leading to the exit. However, each path is different. And only one will place you at the top of the exit gate for max points.

Mount Everest | Bernzai | 7M4-N5H-R1G

This is one of my favorite courses I’ve played since starting this competition. Great decorating and pacing. Not too hard, but challenging enough. Great use of checkpoints too. Some of the trickier parts are much more manageable because of well-placed checkpoints.

Tree Trouble | DominikFFM| GR3-QPL-PWF

A well-made jungle-themed level that feels like it could easily appear in a Mario game. Really like the use of vines to help make some jumps easier for players who screw up. Which I did a few times because I’m not great at Mario games.

Going Up: Mountain Climbing | Vole Tores| 3FO-YSB-8GG

A simple level. Go up a completely straight and very tall mountain. But as you progress up to the top, the jumps get harder and harder. Smartly placed platforms and a lack of enemies means you don’t die if you miss a jump. You lose a bit of progress. This makes this a fun and not frustrating test of skill.

If your level didn’t make it on to the featured list, don’t worry! A new Mario Maker Contest will return in the future!

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