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DORÉ: Can you talk a bit about your background and how you found your way to human design and your current practice?

Erin: I had spent my career working in startups — consulting for startups all over the world, building companies to support executives, partnerships and small teams to operate more harmoniously, and conducting research on leadership challenges at 90 early-stage companies.

I always found myself working within teams that were full of amazing people, but had serious dysfunction. It didn’t feel like people truly understood themselves or one another.

On the side, I was always exploring and studying different personal development modalities, from studying yoga and kundalini to meditation and reiki.

I believe that understanding who we uniquely are is always the first step to becoming better at what we do.

In 2015, someone looked up my Human Design chart. It resonated at a molecular level and I knew at that moment that I wanted to study and teach Human Design in a big way.

Human Design bridged my interest in business with my commitment to personal growth.

It was the most tactical, grounded and accessible system I found to support people in aligning with their full potential, whether it was on the individual or company level.

For those who don’t know, can you briefly describe what human design is and how people can beneficially incorporate human design into their own lives?

Human Design is a system that sheds light on your emotional, psychological and energetic makeup, giving you the self-awareness and tools to align with your nature and step into your highest potential in every area of your life — in your career, partnership and relationships.

It is based on your exact time, date and place of birth.

It is a system that draws from astrology, the I Ching, the chakra system and the Kabbalah as well as modern science – quantum physics, biochemistry and genetics.

Think of it as a system that gives you your own operating manual.

Once you know your design, you can use Human Design in every decision you make from how you’re picking opportunities, choosing friends and romantic partners, pursuing purpose and career—everything.

It gives you a language and a framework to think about how you operate, and more importantly how you can find your flow.

And not only does it offer unparalleled insight into your unique nature, it equips you with self-sufficient tools you can take with you for life to consistently perform at the top of your personal and professional game.

What do you hope people will walk away with from The Art of Self-Love and your specific time with them?

More than anything, Human Design is not about changing who you are, but about giving yourself permission to be who you’ve always been.

In our sessions during the Art of Self-Love, we will go deep into how you are uniquely designed to operate at your best and hone in around any struggle or frustration you’re facing.

My intention is help people tune into where they are experiencing the most resistance in their lives and use Human Design as a tool to come back into their unique potential.

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