Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, November 2019

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November has a bright beginning with love and money planet Venus entering fiery Sagittarius on November 1. Not only is this a fun time to connect with friends, socialize, and network (people are finding you so charming!), but this is also a beautiful time to meditate on your hopes for the future with a vision board, and to spend time on causes you’re passionate about.

Watch out for arguments on November 5 as Mars in fellow air sign Libra clashes with Pluto in Capricorn: People are riding their high horses, and some—including yourself—might not know much about the topic they’re arguing over! Keep your temper in check, but if you’re feeling upset or hurt, definitely find healthy ways to express your anger. Anger is a valid emotion, and feelings you may have been repressing could burst at this time, so don’t stuff your emotions away.

Supportive energy, especially in your career, flows on November 8 as the sun, Saturn in your ruling planet Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces align. The best thing you can do professionally at this time is follow your intuition. This line-up bodes very well for you financially—listening to your gut is paying off!

Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio this month, finding you reconsidering issues in your career and public life. On November 9, when Mercury connects with power planet Pluto in Capricorn, you’re thinking back to the dates around October 19 and wondering what secrets require deeper probing. Luckily, important insights about your reputation and career come on November 11 as the sun meets Mercury.

The full moon in Taurus arrives on November 12, pulling your attention to your private life. An issue that’s been brewing at home or with your family comes to a head. Because you’re independent and rebellious, some people might expect that you never really fit in at home or that you’re not the domestic type, but in fact, you’re quite talented at creating comfy, cozy spaces for yourself. With the information this full moon brings to light, you’re able to make some great decisions that help you create a more comfortable balance between your professional and personal life. Also on November 12, action planet Mars connects with lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius, encouraging a productive and social atmosphere.

  • Light a candle in your room for the perfect cozy vibes.
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  • Try adding a rug to rooms that feel like they need to be more comfy and lived-in.

Once again on November 14 and 15, you’re thinking back to things that happened mid-October as Mercury retrograde connects with Saturn and Neptune, and the sun connects with Pluto on November 13. Mercury’s connection with Saturn finds you reexamining the hidden structures that hold your life together and pushes you to get some rest! Mercury’s connection with dreamy Neptune leads you to revisit conversations about creativity, money, and abundance. The sun’s connection with Pluto finds you examining concepts concerning power and control, and both of Mercury’s connections will bring up conversations and decisions from last month for you to reconsider, especially in your career.

Venus clashes with Neptune on November 14 and you must ask yourself: What choices are you making out of insecurity? Are you spending time with people who don’t make you feel valued? Are you spending money on dreams that can never become a reality? You may be feeling deflated at this time, but the vibe shifts as action planet Mars enters Scorpio on November 19, bringing you a boost in energy—especially in your career. Mars in Scorpio knows how to strategize, and you’re coming up with a solid five-year plan. Mercury finally ends its retrograde on November 20, at which point communication will start moving forward and delays and confusions will begin to straighten out until December 7, when Mercury finally clears its post-retrograde shadow (which means Mercury will finally move past the degrees it revisited during its retrograde).

  • It can be helpful to talk through lingering concerns with a third party. If you feel like you need a professional perspective, you can match with a counselor or therapist online.
  • Here’s a beginner’s guide to investing when you feel like you already have a million other money-related issues to deal with.
  • Add this timeless blazer to your work outfit rotation for a tailored look.

The sign of the archer, Sagittarius, begins its season on November 22 and the sun shines down on the sector of your chart that rules your vision for the future. Where will you point your arrow, Aquarius? Sagittarius season is a fantastic time to connect with friends and participate in groups or associations you’re excited about joining. An especially lucky time to network arrives on November 24 as charismatic Venus meets gregarious Jupiter. But this day brings tension as well: Mars opposes your ruling planet Uranus, bringing a breakup or unexpected shift that affects your home and family life.

You’re in a more private, reserved mood as Venus enters earth sign Capricorn on November 25. As much as you love to socialize, you’re an independent person, Aquarius, and as Venus moves through Capricorn, you’re valuing your alone time, beauty rest, and privacy. Partners who understand your need for space and will step up to help with your chores so you can rest will be your favorite people during this time. You’re also valuing the spiritual, intuitive connection you share with others. That said, a little secret rendezvous with someone you care about may take place.

  • Make sure you’re getting some quality, uninterrupted sleep with a silk eye mask just for you.
  • Go on a solo trip to the spa for all your rejuvenation needs.
  • If that rendezvous happens to be in the bedroom…here’s a toy to help keep things fun!

November isn’t a quiet month for your social life, though: The new moon in Sagittarius arrives on November 26, beginning a new cycle in your friend circle and in the groups and communities you belong to. This is a powerful new moon for envisioning your future: Sagittarius is a fire sign, so grab a candle for some fire magic and meditate on the flame as you picture how you want things to turn out.

Neptune ends its retrograde on November 27, and themes like abundance and manifestation are on your mind. Watch out for a sleepy mood, though. Now isn’t the best time to make decisions—daydream instead. Empathetic vibes flow as Mercury connects with Neptune on November 28, finding you thinking back on conversations you had during the retrograde around November 13. November 28 also finds sweet Venus connecting with your rebellious planetary ruler Uranus, shaking things up in your private life and bringing you fantastic flashes of intuitive insight. Again, you’re thinking back to November 13 as Mercury connects with Saturn on November 30—finally, all the delays and miscommunications from the retrograde are being straightened out, and some solid plans can be put in place. Good luck this month, Aquarius, and see you in December!

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