Niantic has acquired Beasts of Balance developer Sensible Object

Pokemon Go creator Niantic has purchased augmented reality and hybrid board game developer Sensible Object for an undisclosed fee.

Sensible Object is best known for its work on the crowdfunded digital tabletop stacking game Beasts of Balance and voice-augmented trivia board game When in Rome

The UK developer has been creating augmented reality titles for the best part of a decade, initially under the Hide&Seek moniker, and will now continue to do so as the rebranded Niantic London. 

Speaking about the deal, Sensible Object co-founder Alex Fleetwood explained the company jumped at the chance to pioneer new forms of augmented reality under the Niantic banner. 

“John Hanke and his team have an incredible, progressive vision for the future of play that resonates deeply with us; building global communities, pioneering new forms of augmented reality, and helping people get outside, get exercise and connect with one another in the real world,” he commented.

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