Only A Die-Hard “Friends” Fan Can Get 9/10 On This Trivia Quiz

  1. When is Rachel's birthday?

    Which means she’ll be celebrating soon! What an iconic Taurus.

    May 5th

    Via NBC

  2. How many categories of towels does Monica have?

    Monica has 11 categories of guest towels. We love an organized queen.


    Via NBC

  3. Who sings the

    It’ll always be a catchy tune!

    The Rembrandts

    Via NBC

  4. Who says the first line in the series?

    Of course it’s Monica, she’s the glue of the group!


    Via NBC

  5. Who says the last line in the series?

    Of course it’s Chandler, he’s the sarcastic one of the group!


    Via NBC

  6. What is Ichiban?

    And it’s a beautiful shade of blue!

    Lipstick for men

    Via NBC

  7. What's the name of Phoebe's roommate?

    She talks about her all the time, DE-NISE!


    Via NBC

  8. How many times has Ross been married?

    They don’t call him Ross the Divorce Force for nothing.

    Three times

    Via NBC

  9. What type of stuffed animal is Hugsy?

    He’s Hugsy, Joey’s bedtime penguin pal! (Back off, Emma)


    Via NBC

  10. Which song did Ross and Chandler's college band NOT write?

    That’s the name of their iconic ’80s band.

    Via NBC

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