‘Shop Contest: It’s Pumpkin Season, Winners!

Last week I was excited because Fall was finally here! Trees turning orange, cooler temperatures and of course, pumpkins. So I asked the wonderful readers of Kotaku to create some Fall-inspired Photoshopped images, featuring video game characters. This is still technically a website about video games, after all.

Our winning image this week was created by Done With Kinja and might be one of the most wholesome and lovely photos created in any of these contests.

Also is this is first? A back-to-back victory? Should this even be allowed? Do you want me to ban repeat wins like this? I’m genuinely asking. I agree it could be annoying for someone to win two weeks in a row, but a good image is a good image. I’ll think about this and get back to you all!

You can check out the original post to see all the entries, but here are some of my favorites.

Brad About You wins the award for “Weirdest Group Of Friends.”

Mrichston grabs the award for “Loveliest Clubhouse.”

NickyTheNewt picks up the award for “Best Halloween DLC.”

AmazingMao receives the award for “Worst Halloween DLC.” (Wait, sorry they get nothing. Banned For Life Club and all that.)

Cecil_Banon also wins nothing because they too are banned.

Shinfo13 wins the award for “Worst Pumpkin Patch.”

Chelsea Of Tranquility snags the award for “Best Crossover.”

sciteach picks up the award for “SNNNNNNAAAAAKKKKKEEEEEE…In A Maze.”

Lharm receives the award for “Best Halloween Decorations Display.”

And finally, richardrae1 wins the award for “Most Baffling Halloween Costume.”

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