‘Shop Contest: National Bird Day, Winners!

Last week was National Bird Day. A lovely holiday that I assume all of you celebrated and enjoyed. In honor of this holiday, I asked you Photoshop artists to create some images featuring famous video game birds. You didn’t disappoint!

Our winning image this week comes from Chris MC who makes one small change to a famous scene. Kids, this ain’t your parents Alien.

A great variety of birds were featured in the entries this week. From big ones to small ones and more. And I was happy to see not a lot of nightmare images waiting for me when I took a look at the entires. That was nice.

You can check out the original post to see all the entries, but here are some of my favorites.

Neuroplastique wins the award for “Best Meep Meep!”

sciteach picks up the award for “Best Film Remake.”

Villings grabs the award for “Most birds.”

Shinfo13 gets the award for “Sexiest birds..?”

SSReset wins the award for “Weirdest Hidden Boss.”

Raftos receives the award for “Necessary Goose Joke.”

MonoArtan gets the award for “Wait… This Is The Weirdest Boss.”

Done With Kinja picks up the award for “Best SyFy Original Film Of 2020.”

Richardrae1 snags the award for “Worst Crossover Ever.”

And finally, Cecil_banon wins nothing because they are banned for life.

That’s it for this week’s contest! If your creation didn’t win, don’t worry! There’s always tomorrow when I’ll be back with a new ‘Shop Contest.

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