‘Shop Contest: Oh No, Claptrap, Winners!

Last week I asked you fine Kotaku readers to celebrate the release of Borderlands 3 by sticking Claptrap, the annoying robot sidekick from the games, into different games, movies, and TV shows. You all delivered some of the best images I’ve seen in some time!

Our winning image this week was created by Done With Kinja who has created a wonderful way to ruin the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel. Guest bosses! Great idea. I hate it!

Each weekend I do these contests I always worry that I picked a topic or idea that won’t be funny or interesting. And every weekend you folks show me how talented and funny you all are, with the exception of those who were banned. But everyone else, great job!

You can check out the original post to see all the entries, but here are some of my favorites.

sci teach wins the award for “Worst Wall-E Replacement.”

Neuroplastique grabs the award for “Strangest Recasting.”

Chris MC receives the award for “YIKES!”

Mrichston gets the award for “Worst Pizza Delivery Drone.”

KamiShinoda wins the award for “Still Not The Weirdest Thing In Death Stranding.”

Cecil_Banon is banned for life, but still a nice image.

EthanLomelino picks up the award for “Best Post-Credits Scene.”

Bob The Rock gets nothing because he is banned, but I laughed at this creation.

AmazingMao also gets nothing. Banned for life and all. Also, thats Clappie.

And finally, I Think I Canuck wins the award for “Most Steve Guttenberg.”

That’s it for this week’s contest! If your creation didn’t win, don’t worry! There’s always tomorrow when I’ll be back with a new ‘Shop Contest.

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