The Cast Of “Hustlers” Took Our “What Would Be Your Stripper Song” Quiz And Now You Can Too

To celebrate the upcoming release of Hustlers, we had the film’s stars — Cardi B, Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer, and Lili Reinhart — take a BuzzFeed quiz to find out what their stripper song would be.

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Is Cardi B’s stripper song from her own discography? And which song would the rest of the cast make it rain to? Watch the video below to find out!

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Now it’s your turn! Take our quiz below and compare your results with the cast’s!

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  1. Your friends would describe your energy as:

  2. If you were a stripper, you’d be best at:

  3. Someone stole your tips, so you:

  4. Pick a fierce red carpet look that speaks to you.

  5. What’s your best physical asset?

  6. Finally, choose a male celeb to give a seductive lap dance:

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Make sure to catch these women hustlin’ in Hustlers, in theaters Sept. 13.

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