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Mirror Fitness

The full-length mirror transforms into a screen where you can see on-demand fitness classes like barre, boxing, and yoga.

By Mashable Team

Good news to anyone who began 2019 with health and fitness goals in mind: there has literally never been a better time for getting yourself in shape. Among the many cool things we saw at CES this year was an abundance of high-tech fitness technology aimed at making you into the best possible version of yourself. Because while none of these exciting new products can actually do the work for you (yet!), a having a high-tech helper on hand can certainly serve as motivation.

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This year, fitness trends center around app connectivity, convenience, and practicality. From the biggest names in fitness to new startups, all the brands we’ve featured are focused on helping you personalize your fitness plan

We’ve put together a list of the most exciting fitness products we’ve seen on the market, scouring the web for both professional and consumer reviews. Whether you’re an old pro or just beginning to embark on a fitness journey, chances are there’s something here to amp up your workout.

Looks like a standard mirror when not in use • Easy installation courtesy of a professional

Not available for Android devices • Warranty is only for one year

If you absolutely cannot stand going to the gym (no judgment here) or aren’t able to make specialized fitness classes near you work with your schedule, this is a great alternative. But only if you’ll really commit to using it in order to justify the high cost.

1. Mirror Fitness

The full-length mirror transforms into a screen where you can see on-demand fitness classes like barre, boxing, and yoga.

  • Tech specs:
    Runs on a quad core processor. Uses 1 ft and 6 ft right angle UL certified cables, an ethernet cable, and Dual-band 802.1 A/B/G/N Wi-Fi.

While it may look like your standard, floor length mirror — the kind that let’s you double check that your fly isn’t down or that you shirt doesn’t clash with your shoes — Mirror (notice the capital M) is way more than that.

The concept of the Mirror is brilliant — take boutique fitness classes in the comfort of your own home. 

After turning the Mirror on via the connected app, users can choose on-demand fitness classes or stream them live. In addition to one’s own reflection, users can see their instructor and other members as they take barre, boxing, cardio, Pilates, strength, stretch, and yoga classes.

This kind of high tech gear doesn’t come cheap though — at nearly $1,500, there’s also a $39 per month subscription fee that’ll get you access to all the classes. If you can pony up the initial cost for the device though, that’s pretty affordable and cheaper than most monthly gym fees. For someone who doesn’t live near many gyms, or for someone who loved Classpass when it first hit the scene but is now ready for the next big thing, then Mirror is where it’s at.

It’s compact and convenient. • Opens up a wider range of workouts to try compared to the average home gym owner, who’ll only buy one or two different kettlebells.

Access to workouts cost extra. • App does not count calories burned. • Expensive.

If you’re into kettlebell workouts (or have been curious though hesitant to invest) the JaxJox will change the game.

2. Jaxjox KettlebellConnect

A space-saving option that can level up as you do, making a traditionally limiting exercise more dynamic.

  • Tech specs:
    Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (lasts up to 14 hours per charge). 6 axis family of motion sensors with a 3 axis gyroscope and a 3 axis accelerometer.

Everyone’s talking about the JaxJox Kettlebell Connect for its versatility and space-saving prioritization. What makes this kettlebell so special is that it’s really a kettlebell set all in one, featuring a “bullet stacking system” that lets you add or drop weights from the stationary base with the touch of a button. It’s also equipped with motion sensors that can track your movements and count your reps, and the connected app also gives you access to workouts for an extra $30/month.

Comes in cool pastel colors as well as the traditional black. • Automatic synching to your Health Mate app with every weigh-in. • Pairs with over 100 health and fitness apps.

Way more expensive than your average scale. • Batteries must be changed after 18 months.

If there’s more than one person in your household with weight and body composition tracking goals, this is a smart choice.

3. Withings Body Scale

It tracks things like fat mass, muscle mass, and water to give you a better sense of your body composition.

  • Tech specs:
    Uses WiFi, four AAA batteries

We’ve long known that there’s more to the story than the simple number on the scale, seeing that muscle weighs more than fat and variables like water weight can lead to fluctuations. 

That’s why the Withings Body scale is such a smart innovation — it tracks things like fat mass, muscle mass, and water to give you a better sense of your body composition at any given weigh-in. Also equipped with the capability to store eight different user profiles, the Withing Body scale is great for tracking the stats for your entire family. Another cool feature is the mode for tracking pregnancy, which offers obstetrical advice and a personalized tracking system to measure healthy weight gain. (Of course, as with any health program, be sure to check in with your doctor too.)

For our full breakdown of the best smart scales, go here.

Quiet • Portable from room to room • Easy assembly

Seating position is atypical for a traditional cyclist (according to one reviewer) • Slight wobble

If you’re required spend a lot of time seated at home doing work or studying, this is a good option for keeping active.

4. Deskcise Pro

Get in shape while answering emails — the ultimate multitasking hack.

    Remember when your idea of staying healthier at work was a simple standing desk? 

    The Deskcise Pro makes that look like child’s play without costing you the hefty price of the trendy “treadmill desk” alternative. A simple standing bike that comes equipped with a detachable desktop, the Deskcise Pro allows you the freedom of movement from the comfort of your living room or home office. (You can also purchase the bike sans desk if you already have an elevated tabletop surface you intend to use.)

    Available in two color options, the Deskcise Pro is easy to assemble and can even be wheeled from room to room.

    New classes every week • Running programs (e.g. 10K, marathon, half marathon)

    Working out alone doesn’t have to feel as isolating as it used to, and Aaptiv can help you get out of a rut or receive the encouragement you need to push ahead in that final mile.

    5. Aapativ

    Get more than 3,000 audio workouts from 25 expert trainers, plus new classes added every week.

    • Tech specs:
      Requires iOS 11.0 or later for iPhone, iPad, or iTouch.

    Sometimes it can be hard to get motivated, causing you to hop off the treadmill or put down the weights sooner than intended. 

    Aaptiv aims to change that. 

    Offering more than 3,000 audio workouts from 25 expert trainers, this app is a good choice for fitness buffs who used to find Richard Simmons’ encouragement truly motivating.

    With new classes added every week, it’s a great option for people who get bored quickly — plus there’s a 7-day free trial so you can test it out before you fully commit. There are also training programs for competitive runners looking to prep for long-distance races like 10Ks, marathons, and half marathons. Be warned though — if you’ve never really worked out before, then this isn’t the place to start. Aaptiv reviews indicate that positioning descriptions may be too fast for those new to working out or unfamiliar with certain terms.

    If you’re curious about other apps like this, check out or full list of the best online fitness apps and digital coaches.

    Looks super fancy • Access industry-leading content no matter where you live • 32-inch immersive HD touchscreen

    Requires a Peleton membership to access classes • Expensive

    While the Tread is pretty pricey, this is a premium product that delivers an exceptional experience — especially for runners.

    6. Peleton Tread

    While the Tread is pretty pricey, this is a premium product that delivers an exceptional experience — especially for runners.

    • Tech specs:
      Shock-absorbing rubber slat belt, ball bearing system, carbon steel frame

    We were super pumped when the folks at Peleton burst onto the fitness scene with a new kind of stationary bike, and we’re equally excited about their disruption of the treadmill market. (Could ellipticals be next?)

    At its heart, Peleton Tread is a slick treadmill featuring a shock-absorbing rubber slat belt and ball bearing system. Simple knobs allow you to adjust pace and incline, while a carbon steel frame keeps you feeling secure.

    Where the Tread really shines though, is with its 32-inch HD touchscreen, which will allow you to stream classes led by top NYC instructors — just like you do on the bike. It’s not just limited to running either: Find walking workouts, strength training, and floor exercises too.

    While the Tread is pretty pricey — more than $4,000 — keep in mind that this is a premium product, meant to deliver an exceptional experience. Each purchase requires a Peleton membership in order to work, which is only $39 per month — a small price to pay for slaying those fitness goals.

    Cheaper than an Apple Watch • Cleared by the FDA

    The plastic casing isn’t as durable (or attractive) as competing smart monitoring devices.

    Move ECG from Withings is a major win for anyone serious about tracking their heart activity.

    7. Withings Move ECG

    A major win for anyone serious about tracking their heart activity.

    • Tech specs:
      CR2430 button cell.
    • Price:

    Launched at CES 2019, Withings Move ECG wowed the crowds with its advanced cardio-tracking capabilities. In addition to tracking your activity as the standard smartwatch might, this highly intelligent smartwatch also measures electrocardiograms (sending them right to your doctor) and can detect irregular heartbeat patterns. It’s also water resistant and can track pace, distance, and elevation, making this wearable especially useful for hikers.   

    The product is due out sometime during the Spring of 2019, and we’re itching to get our hands on it so we can test it out for ourselves. Plus, at $130, it’s cheaper than an Apple Watch.

    Six colors • Syncs with Fitbit, Apple Health, and more

    Hand wash only • The most expensive water bottle you’ll ever buy

    If past attempts at drinking more water have failed you, this is worth a crack.

    8. Ozmo Active Smart Water Bottle

    Be sure that you’re getting enough water thanks to this smart bottle that trackers hydration.

    • Tech specs:
      USB (rechargeable battery)

    Want to make sure you’re drinking enough water? There’s an app-enabled water bottle for that.

    Using a connected app and LED lights to remind you that it’s time to drink more water, the Ozmo Active Smart Water Bottle helps you start on the most baseline necessity for being healthy. Far more advanced than other systems for hydration tracking, the Smart Bottle will adjust hydration goals based on your level of activity. 

    Available in six fun colors, the Ozmo smart bottle syncs with your Fitbit, Apple Health, and other apps and devices. Make sure to drink up though — some reviews say that sensors only detect volume changes of 2 ounces and up, so small sips may not register.

    Limited selection of participating gyms and fitness centers. • The pricing is inconsistent, varying by gym across chains, and even within chains.

    If you have an incredibly busy lifestyle or travel frequently but need a gym setting to thrive, FlexIt may be worth a try.

    9. Flexit

    Great for people who are super busy, or who travel often and can’t commit to one gym location.

    • Tech specs:
      Available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store
    • Price:
      Rates vary, but users are charged by the minute

    Find it impossible to snag gym time on Classpass these days? For people who live in a major city, or who travel a lot, then we may have the answer.

    Flexit works by connecting users to a network of participating gyms throughout the U.S., giving them the freedom to sample different gyms and pay by the minute. 

    After signing up to use a gym’s facilities, users simply scan a QR code generated by the app on their way in and again on their way out. Convenience is key with this app, allowing users the freedom to take that boutique fitness class they’ve built into their routine every week even when traveling or give them options to squeeze in a quick workout if they find themselves in a part of their city they don’t usually frequent.

    The clothes are actually cute! • And there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Clothing must be air dried, can only be purchased as a set

    If you’re not comfortable doing yoga in public as a beginner, you’re no longer barred from the feedback that you need to help get you to the next level.

    10. Pivot Yoga apparel

    Get feedback on your postures without ever leaving your house thanks to this smart yoga gear.

    • Tech specs:
      Supported by Apple iPhone 7 or higher with iOS v.11 or higher. Charges with micro-USB.
    • Price:
      $99 for the clothes plus an additional $19/month.

    If you’re too intimated to go to an actual yoga class and insist on hitting the mat from the comfort of your own home, then these shirts and pants may be really great for you.

    Marketing this line of smart yoga apparel as “clothes with teachers built in,” Pivot has created a shirt and pant combination that uses sensors to track your body positioning. This allows for real-time feedback from a virtual instructor and enables you to see what your body placement in each pose compared to how you are supposed to be positioned on a compatible TV.

    Since it’s not yet available for purchase, we’ll have to wait for the reviews to come in to know how well it really works.

    There’s still a lot that’s unknown, such as the price point.

    This product has yet to be released, but we’re super excited about what it could mean for the future of skincare.

    11. L’Oreal My Skin Track pH

    This product has yet to be released, but we’re super excited about what it could mean for the future of skincare.

      Despite being our largest organ and the one that’s most always on display, we tend to forget how important it is to think about our skin when considering fitness. This groundbreaking innovation aims to change all that. 

      My Skin Track pH is a breathable, flexible sensor that uses “microfluidics” technology to measure pH through a wearable — a first. This app-compatible wearable will then use the data you provide to give advice on how to give your skim what it needs.

      Though the device isn’t yet on the market, we’re super excited for what it’s technological capabilities could mean for the future of skincare.

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