The Secret to Making Affirmations Work

We all know the Stuart Smalley SNL skit.


And even though affirmations can be awesome for practically anything (think workouts, career goals, improving confidence, etc.), they get a bad rap. Because a lot of time they seem cheesy. And when you do them, they can also feel cheesy.


Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had great results in any area of my life when something just felt off or — worse yet — forced.

Yet, if you read many self-help books or articles, you’ll hear all about the power of affirmations. (Heck, us included!) And if you’re looking to make a change or improve something, hey, it seems like affirmations are a decent place to start. After all, they’re quick, easy, and don’t require anything other than a few moments of your time.

But, how can you use them and not feel all Stuart Smalley when you do it? How can you actually make them resonate and therefore be more powerful?

We got some dynamite advice from Patricia Moreno in the second part of our podcast interview with her (it was SO good, we had to break it up into two parts — get part one here) on this. In it, she said, “Without the emotion, affirmations don’t work.”

It’s so, so obvious — and so, so true! An affirmation is never going to work for you unless you’re feeling it.

So, before using any affirmation (whether it’s one another expert recommends or one you “think” you should use), check in with how it makes you feel. Does saying it feel like it’s possible? Does it make you feel hopeful and light you up a little? If so, use it!

If not; if what you’re saying feels forced or unrealistic, is there a way that you can back it up a bit so that it does feel a little more real? For example: If, “I love myself unconditionally,” feels forced, does, “I am learning to put myself first,” feel a little bit more authentic?

Play with it and see if you can get to a place where your affirmation feels good and right … with just the right level of cheese for you.

If you want to go more into this (and you should; it’s great!) be sure to listen to our full interview with Patricia here (it’s ep 104 if you’re a subscriber) or below!

Now you know we gotta ask: Do you use affirmations? What’s your go-to? —Jenn

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