The World Celebrates Spider-Man Day

Fifty-seven years ago, most popular superhero of all time Spider-Man was introduced by Stan Lee and that guy Steve Ditko in the August 1962 issue of the variety comic “Amazing Fantasy” (in a kind of creepy, depressing one-shot, actually). His popularity was instantaneous and enormous, and the rest is history. On August 1st, fans around the world celebrate the anniversary of the revolutionary, and now rote archetype, angsty teenage hero by apparently watching movies and playing a lot of Marvel vs. Capcom.

Lookin’ good, Spidey. 🕸#SpiderManDay

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) August 1, 2019

Happy #SpiderManDay, we may all prefer a different version, but at the end of the day we still love Spider-Man.

— Jonathan porter (@jpmoney1999) August 1, 2019

Driving Mister Stan. #SpiderMan #SpiderManDay #tbt

— stan lee (@TheRealStanLee) August 1, 2019

[tweeting from beyond the grave??]

Originally a nerd from Queens named Peter Parker, many characters have taken over the role of Spider-Man over his decades of extreme popularity: from fan-favorite Miles Morales in “Ultimate Spider-Man,” to Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman in “Spider-Gwen,” to Irish-Mexican “Spider-Man 2099” Miguel O’Hara, to Spider-Girl “Mayday” Parker, to even Dr. Octopus in Peter’s body! Spoilers!!

With the rapturously praised “Into The Spider-Verse” winning an Oscar last year to the current “Spider-Man: Homecoming” cleaning up as the highest-grossing Spidey movie of all time, Spider-Man seems to be more popular at age 57 than ever before.

Remember the hyphen, and ’nuff said.

Do you gaf about Spider-Man?

I like at least one incarnation.

I’m a true believer! (except for One More Day, obviously)

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So if you do gaf about Spider-Man (or another Spider-Identity), which incarnations do you like best and why?

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