We are giving away over $5,000 of Cinema gear to kick-start YOUR cinematography career

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We teamed up with SYRPZhiynManfrotto and Spiffy Gear to offer you everything you need to start your carer ads a cinematographer or gain a significant upgrade if you already are. All you have to do is enter your name and email in the form above.



You can read the fine print by clicking terms and conditions on the sweepstakes, but here is a simplified version:

    1. The sweepstakes will run from today till midnight September 26th, 2019 (GMT-7).
    2. You get five entries when completing the form, and can gain more entries by sharing, and visiting our partners
    3. Nope, you cannot enter using bots. Yup, you can enter from anywhere in the world (we’ll pick up shipping, you’ll cover duties and fees if there are any). Nope, we will not sell your email. Yup, you do get extra entries for sharing. Nope, you are not allowed to rig the system (though rumor has it that the editor likes Belgian chocolate)

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